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Investigative Services

General Services

For new hire employees, nanny's for your children, individual or company you wish to partner with or pre-marital prospects.  With the increase in identity thefts for personal or business considerations - it pays to know who you are dealing with and confirming they are who they say they are.  This also includes marriages, assets, liens and judgments, credit profiles, as well as criminal (county, state and federal) history.
  • Civil / Criminal Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing
  • Interrogations
  • Fraud and Recovery
  • Employee Theft
  • Drug Abuse
  • False Insurance Claims

Our personal protective services consist of individual body guarding, protection from acts of domestic violence and consultation services for any threat of security.

Polygraph Examinations

Known as the lie detector, the polygraph is also used as a truth detector.  This is used to help clear the wrongly accused and to verify truthful statements made by witnesses in civil as well as criminal cases.  Utilizing a state of the art computerized polygraph we have been conducting polygraph examinations since 1981.
We are court certified experts and conduct civil and criminal polygraph examinations.  Child abuse, matrimonial, pre-stipulated and stipulated civil and criminal investigations, domestic violence, DWI cases, statement verifications and when applicable, business theft cases.  We are a member of the American Polygraph Association and are also certified in the treatment and monitoring of sex offenders.

 Matrimonial Experts

We are considered matrimonial experts by many of the clients and law firms we represent.  In addition to identifying cheating spouses we offer many other services necessary to help resolve marital issues.
Locating hidden assets, securing evidence for child custody cases, identifying problems with alcohol or drug abuse as well as establishing co-habitation in divorced cases are part of what we do.
Realizing the state of today's economy, we have found that utilizing GPS surveillance is a very cost effective investigative tool.  When suspicion causes a deterioration in your marriage, intelligence gathering is essential to try and get the answer.  Doing whatever it takes to save a marriage should be the first consideration.  In the event that this is not possible, putting yourself in a position of strength to protect the rights of you and your children and your assets is how our expertise serves you.
Knowledge brings peace of mind 

Background Investigations

We conduct background investigations for new hire employees, prospective business partners, nannies for your children and prospects for marriage.  With the increase in identity thefts, for personal or business considerations, it pays to know who you are dealing with and to confirm who they purport to be.  Background investigations include county, state and federal criminal history, credit profiles, liens, judgments and civil lawsuits.  Marriage and divorce records, driving history and bank accounts are but a few of the services available.  We can tailor a background investigation to suit your individual needs using state-of-the-art technology and intelligence gathering techniques.  Below are but a few examples of how a background investigation could be priceless.

Recently a client hired a truck driver and before checking him out, an entire truck load of product valued at 100,000 dollars was reportedly stolen while he was at lunch.  Our background check revealed he was recently paroled from prison for hijacking.
Sadly, they found out too late

An international construction company was preparing to hire an engineer in Colorado  they were interviewing for three months.  He would have financial access and signatory authorizations.  He claimed to have a degree from Rennesaler College in Engineering.  Our background revealed he had signed up for a few courses but never completed any and did not have an Engineering degree .  His credit history showed many outstanding liens and judgments.
Luckily he was not hired

A young woman was preparing to marry a man she was dating for two years.  He claimed he was divorced and that they had no children.  Her parents, who were suspicious, retained us to conduct a background investigation.  It revealed that he was divorced but had two children in California but also had open warrants for domestic abuse and child support.
What price for this knowledge

One of our clients was preparing to enter into a partnership with an individual with what appeared to be an impeccable resume.  We learned the individual was using more than one social security number.  The impeccable background belonged to a relative, his background was undesirable.
This saved a million dollar investment
The value of a background investigation could be "priceless"

Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations are one of the most cost efficient investigative tools used to identify wrong doings on the job which could have a direct bearing on profitability.  This may be related to employee theft, customer service, employee morale, management practices, sabotage and counter espionage.  An undercover operative who matches the profile of your employee is placed into your workforce to be your eyes and ears.  Retail establishments, warehouses, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, bars and businesses (large and small) have utilized our services to gather information.  The intelligence that we have garnered, besides recognizing exposures to loss, serves to improve operations, employee evaluations and overall morale.

We become your eyes and ears

Missing Persons Located

Missing heirs, long lost friends and relatives, runaway children, witnesses to be interviewed for court cases are but a few of the people we have been hired to locate over the years.  We have traced and located individuals throughout the United States and in some cases in foreign countries.
Coupling our skills with all of the technology available to us today we have been able to locate the following:

A young girl about to be married, believing her mother was dead, hired us to locate her grave.
We found her alive in a nursing home in Virginia.

In 1942, a young man went to war from high school.  Fifty years later having become a widower he wished to locate his former high school sweetheart.  We found her and she was recently widowed.
We were able to reunite them.

A six year old girl, born out of wedlock to a military officer, upon his death was entitled to his entire estate.  No one knew who she was.
We were able to identify and locate her.

In 1965, two sisters in Vietnam were concubine to an American GI who had treated them very well.  Forty years later one of the sisters hoped to locate him here in the United States.  The only information she was able to provide us with was that his first name was Robert, that he came from Chicago, said he had five brothers and that he had graduated high school in 1963.  When questioned how she knew the year he graduated she said that she wore his high school ring on a chain around her neck.
We located him within two weeks and provided her with his contact information.
These are but a few examples of our many accomplishments

Electronic Services

The Tools of the Modern Detective

Used for both business and personal applications, security as well as compliance of procedures and operating standards.  The use of CCTV acts as a deterrent, reducing incidents of crime and safety violations on the job and creating peace of mind.  We offer the latest in state of the art systems tailored to meet your specific needs.
Nanny cams are becoming an essential service.
This technique is used in preserving evidence in both civil and criminal matters.  Civil matters include matrimonial, child custody, establishing co-habitations and insurance investigations.  Criminal matters include fraudulent insurance cases, employee thefts, drug activity, videotaped statements and confessions.
The videotaping of wills is another service we offer
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Debugging)
Today with the availability to secure equipment inexpensively it's easy to violate one's privacy for personal or business reasons.  Utilizing the state of the art equipment and the most highly trained technicians, we are able to locate hidden bugs (active and inactive), hidden cameras and GPS units on vehicles.  Our highly trained technicians are government trained and certified in the use of state of the art equipment.      
Peace of mind is of immeasurable value
PC Forensics
Forensics is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions related to a crime or civil action.  We examine your digital media with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting information that may be used in both civil and criminal cases.  We are able to identify, preserve and recover cached data from computer systems and other digital sources.  Our technicians are highly trained computer experts with backgrounds in government service, commercial design as well as high tech applications.
We offer competitive rates for on and off premise services
The latest and most cost effective investigative aide is the advanced technology offered by the GPS surveillance.  In its many applications it reduces the amount of surveillance time as well as the risk of exposure at a much lower hourly rate.  Matrimonial cases, child custody, monitoring employee activities including driving habits, verifying deliveries, times of deliveries as well as other daily activities are but a few of the many uses.  Surreptitiously placed on a subject's vehicle and monitored via computer, the GPS replaces what might otherwise be very long and expensive surveillances.
24 hour monitoring is available


  • American Polygraph Association (APA)

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